300 w Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

Specification Laminating data
Maximum Power 305W Wp Dimension Length(mm) 1970 mm
Power Tolerance 5 % Width(mm) 1050 mm
Optimum operating voltage 60 V Thickness(mm) 50 mm
Optimum operating current 5 A Installation dimension Length(mm) NA mm
Open ciruit voltage 74,4 V Width(mm) NA mm
Short circuit current 5,5 A Weight 25 Kg
Maximum system voltage 1000 V  DC Frame Material  Clear anodized aluminium frame
Module efficiency 11.8 % Surface glass Toughed solar glass
Voltage temperature coefficient -15510 mV/C Thickness of glass 3,2 mm
Current temperature coefficient +0.060.01 %/C Laminating material  EVA  
Power temperature coefficient -0.50.05 %/C Backsheet material TPT  
Information on CELL Maximum data
Cell brand sunflower Operating temperature -40℃~+85 C
Cell type Mono-crystalline silicon solar  cell Storage temperature from-40~+85 C
Cell dimension 125*125 mm Instulation cut voltage 1000 DC
Cell Shape Square Maximum wind resistance 60m/s N/ or max Km/h
Number of cell 120 series Surface maximum load capacity 200 Kg/
Efficiency of cell 16,5 % Maximum hail load capacity 25mm 80km/h
STC Warranty      
AM condition AM1.5 5 years product warranty and 20years 80% of power
Intensity of illumination 1000 W/m2
Temperature 25 C